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Default Borderlands 2 Trading Thread!

I've now, through trading, farming, and occasional luck, acquired every legendary weapon in the game save for one. I'm now strictly looking for JUST the rare heads dropped by Terramorphous, Vermivorous, and BNK-3R. Playing on 360; GT is TheOmegaPhoenix. PM me here or send me a message on XBL if you can help me out!

Ok guys, since there's a crapton of awesome stuff out there that's pretty hard to come by, like the rare head drops etc. I've decided to pop up a trading post thread. No sense in not sharing the wealth!

For multi-platform purposes it would be wise to indicate which console you're on!


Currently me and my buddies have:
The Bee shield (lv 49)
Coference Call shotgun (2 of em, one has more damage but less accuracy)
Hide of Terramorphous shield
Baby Maker SMG (lv 49)
"XXX" Mechromancer Head
The Rakkarang pistol (lv 48 or 49)

Currently we are looking for:
Hellfire SMG
The B*tch SMG(Censorship necessary but that's the name of the item)
Veruc Assault Rifle
Shredifier Assault Rifle
Head items dropped by BNK3R
Head items dropped by Henry
Neogenator Shield

Gamertag is TheOmegaPhoenix, feel free to add me but make sure you let me know you're from HWC or I'll probably just ignore the request!
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