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Default Your choice between: Corsair Obsidian 800D and Cooler Master Cosmos II?

I am really thinking of replacing my old but still good Antec P190 Casing...

I got a Rampage IV Extreme motherboard with an H80 Corsair cooler.

I am currently planning on doing some custom watercooling, and i think those 2 cases both have a very good watercooling capacity. The CM is a little more expensive than the 800D, but i am wondering, what would be your choice between those 2?

I am trying to stay on those 2... I know there is better for custom watercooling, like CaseLabs cases, but CaseLabs are not really under 400-500$ with good options for watercooling and to get them in Canada, you need to pay like 100$ in shipping excluding the surprise of customs fees...

My choice is between the CM and the Corsair... Explain your choice and the pro/cons of them. I read plenty of unboxing and review, and to be honest, i like both and they are both very good cases, with good reviews.

I want to know from you guys, that probably own the 800D or the Cosmos 2, what are your opinions...

You can see the kind of hardware i will fit in there in my sig...

Also, i am planning on watercooling the rig once i get the casing, window or not, i don't care, and i am aiming at a dual MCP655 with a Bitspower D5/MCP655 Mod Top with a Bitspower Z-Multi 250 reservoir. So with this, i am looking at lots of space inside the case. I plan on mounting the reservoir directly to the pump top, so the pump can't be located in the power supply area, they will all be around the drive bays, probably attached to them.

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