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Default 550d = great case

Upgraded my main rig a month ago, and settled on a 500d to house the recycled parts as a media PC/wife rig.

I went with the 550d initially because of:

1. Overwhelmingly good reviews, specifically regarding its silence
2. Excellent price (it was on special at NCIX for $110 CDN I believe)
3. I couldn't get any smaller form factor, didn't want anything bigger (old mobo was ATX)

Primary concerns were:

1. Noise (the wife wouldn't tolerate anything noisy in the living room!)
2. Heat (would the case be fine with quieter fans running 24/7?)

Well, after a month I can report a few things.

I can say in over 15 years of building/upgrading PCs I can say it was the easiest case I've ever had to work with. And unlike many other manufacturers, Corsair acknowledges things break, and gives you extras of everything. I've never had so much extra.

I replaced all three included 120mm fans with Noctua NF-P12s. The wife can't hear the PC above the ambient noise in the living room. We have a small living room and she is situated close to the PC (5ft away). Her hearing is fine : )

It doesn't get hot (hottest core @38, i7-920 at stock). Mind you, while it runs 24/7 it's a media PC, so there's nothing to really stress it.

I seriously considered using my current case as the media PC's case, and "downgrading" to the 550d. The wife voted no since the current case is rather large and sticks out.

If you can get it for that kind of price you can't go wrong. As Miggs stated, if you can live with using just 3 drives (you can :) ), remove the top cage for better airflow. If you really wanted, you could remove all the covers and add as many fans as you wish. For me, this would negate a major benefit of the cause (low noise).
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