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My System Specs


Count the number of completed WUs (10 minimum), and once you get A3s the bonus kicks in.

If you want to test the chip tpf-wise, and not bother questionning the ppd and the associated bonus, why not use the Folding_for_pscout account and its passkey?
The BGB account can work too (I have both passkeys saved if you need them - shoot me a PM).

edit: for the heck of it I stopped the crunching on my 1090T, and set up SMP using the latest V7 Client (linked by Sugar). 1st WU is a 8049, estimated tpf is 3 mins 18 secs, estimated ppd is 4534.52.
Going to give it a few hours to stabilize itself.
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...

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