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I would have to try some more X79 motherboards to figure this out.

I got the ASRock GB 6/ Extreme - it had the best rating at Newegg.

Not the best judging criteria in the world, but when you read the reviews & the number of problems people are having with other motherboards - including Asus - it's alarming.

I remember a few generations ago, e.g. Intel Core2Quad (2008), before that Opteron (2006), there would be tremendous consensus about the stability of a given motherboard.

Not any more ! - not in a large sample group.

It makes me wonder if the Sandy Bridge Hex Core/ Motherboard with 8 memory slot combination is complex enough (1+ billion transistors on the CPU, similar on the MB) that you enter what scientists call "diminishing returns of marginal complexity".

It makes me wonder if the industry is over-reaching on the hex-cores.

My hex-core crashes mysteriously at least once a week. I would not use it for mission-critical.

If I had the resources, I would set up a test, with a group of 2600K systems, and a group of 3930K/3960X systems, and just let them run 24/7/365 doing complex tasks - peg-the-CPU rendering, maybe some Folding at Home, etc.

I would go with the 2600K if I was starting over on a new build and was planning to run Windows 7 or Linux, and needed mission critical + speed, instead of just extreme speed.
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