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Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
The red text plus crazy stat numbers make the whole lying part of this weapon pretty obvious. If someone would like to state what's not obvious..... maybe they could chime in and tell us what the fibber pistol is good for? I found it to be pretty useless against a lot of enemies but I didn't sell it just yet.
Well mine shoots an explosive shotgun, probably 8-9 explosive pellets.. except theyre not explosive and each do electrical damage. The 12% chance to electrocute is pretty accurate Id say, but that still means that about one pellet from each shot can electrocute. The base damage, however, is open for debate (depending on resistances) but it is fairly decent, probably in the 2-4k range per shot (all pellets combined). Lastly, consider that fire rate, which is not accurate but id say its around 8-10. All of these combined means when fighting for my life I can take out an enemy fairly easily at close range, and pretty quickly dispatch other nearby ones right after too.


On another note: Finished the DLC for the first time last night and it was extremely challenging, probably harder than the final boss of the real game (see how i didnt spoil it for anyone? ;) )
Ive gotten many other red text guns and some of them are quite powerful. Ill get around to screenshoting them sometime today and post them up for you, but as far as I can tell most "red text" sites dont have descriptions for these weapons yet.

Addition note, Re: The 62k Rocket launcher: That things is freakin beast!!! It also has an arc and bounces one before exploding.... looks kindof like a ship's cannon that you're holding.
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