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My System Specs


Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
Nice work, nice and clean. I really like the color scheme, the fans blade color really pops out.. Just get some good sleeving on it, and it will look awesome !

edit: sorry to be OCD, but maybe you could take a marker and color the green on the mushkin logo, the green may show up with all the black there...
Thank for the comps. :) I plan to do MDPC sleeving in shade 19 and yellow. hehehe one step ahead of you there. I already plan I might take one of the woman's nail art pens and color that little green part yellow. :)

Originally Posted by Father Fuzzy View Post
some nice pics
Agree with yellow on the tips of the ram would look
Thanks Father Fuzzy! What do you think would look best. Just the very edge of the tip painted yellow or the whole protruding v thing? I originally planned to do the whole top yellow but I think it would pop a lot better if it was just the V things and the base stayed black.
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