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Originally Posted by BryceBooth View Post
Ivy Bridge is a great chip and actually out-performs the Sandy Bridge-E Core i7-3820 by roughly 9 % due to a more efficient architecture, clock for clock Ivy wins. However, a quad core will not outperform a hexa-core such as the 3930k when it comes to content creation jobs that can stress more than four cores (video editing, encoding, etc). If you compute for a living, a hexa core is worth it.
Thanks BryceBooth . . . this is very helpful! Sounds like, apart from the extra money the Sandy Bridge-E is the better direction for it will do everything Ivy Bridge will do and more . . . especially in the practical applications I need (HD video editing, flight simulator (w/ large rendering requirements), and work) . . . yes?

I initialy thought I might go with the i7 3820 to save a bit of money now and maybe later put it towards an upgrade to Ivy Bridge Extreme at some future date. However, as you said the i7 3930K 6 core would give me much greater performance--perhaps thus making a future upgrade less necessary. Also, with the odd release dates (Haswell coming out early spring and IBE not till early summer . . . if this holds true)--this timing maybe gives more credibility to those rumors that IBE may NOT make it to market. Either way, it seems that spending the extra $200 for the i7 3930K Hexcore over the i7 3820 Quadcore(although painful now on top of all the other components) should at least give me a more solid computing experience currently--not create an "IBE biding time" feeling. I mean, perhaps more to the point, if IBE DOES come out, I may not even see the benefit to "upgrading" for my purposes . . . and if it doesn't come out, I would hate to then feel the need to then buy the 3930K after already shelling out for the i7 3820. So . . . looks like the X79 SBE i7 3930K is the way to go.

Is this good reasoning?


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