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My System Specs

Red face

I want it to be faster, but not sure how. The server side problem answer is far too easy (blame it on others)... It does not explain, why some people get significantly better results. Or results almost beyond belief to be true:

Max Connections

I'm lucky to get it in 10817 ms a ten images are gone :( (too much windows and other work, if I did not stress my old PC that much, I get all the images)

How the hell this guy get it in 1383 ms is byond me. Futheremore it later show even faster result... witch I completely disbelieve

enaberif -
you do realize a bigger number is bad right? should be far lower.
Indeed. However first one got to have all the images shown and then work on speed IMHO.

Shadowmeph -
I dont see all of the images , most likely because I have extensions enabled that block...
I would bet that it is more likely because of incorrect setup of the browser/connection. These small innocent images can't be considered ads or something that is for blocking. Besides, I just tweak my settings and all the images (or almost all) are also gone, so it is a settings problem, not plugins. But why not disable them all and re-check?
Firefox -safemode and here you go

Generic User #2 -
I think he was just happy that all the images downloaded
Indeed. And now I want all the images, but just faster
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