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My System Specs


as for the video card memory : higher clocked memory was always better than slower but larger amounts. It is the same debate of 512MB DDR3 versus 1GB DDR2. Higher speed memory, GDDR5 in this case would help more at higher resolutions but given the fact that your memory needs to be DDR3 on the video card to match the speed of the system RAM for that CrossfireX to work it doesn't matter now anymore. About the faster browsing, a sidenote : my wife told me they received new PCs at work, (Bell Canada) that are based on the first generation Core i3 (HP 6200 SFF) and facebook game loading is way faster than the dual Opteron platform she has at home, also at worked they jumped from Core 2 Duo to Core i3. So total system horsepower is not the point here but the optimizations built into the CPU also play an important role and how the software is built, as we have really seen it in the A10 APU review.
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