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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Just so you know the iPhone 5 16GB is $699 no contract and from what I can find the Galaxy S3 is only $650, so they are not at the same price. Also if I recall it is also costing Apple less per phone to build as well. Basically it means that they have a much higher mark up on their devices than anyone else in the industry and that is how they make crap loads o f money.
Since SKY answered your first question I'll leave that out. But the cellphone industry has been grossly overpriced since the beginning of time. Mobile hardware is just isn't that difficult to produce. The SGS3 cost of production may cost more, but not considerably more. In the end both have extremely high markups, just because one may make 30-50 more per phone doesn't make the other less guilty when the markup is excess of 150-200 percent.

Here's something for you to think about. The Samsung GS3 you have in Canada that runs for 650 right now is a crippled dual core version vs the quad core of the international version. The quad core international version runs from 799-899 MSRP. Samsung could easily release the quad core here for 700 and still make a healthy profit, but they chose otherwise. Food for thought.

But I digress, the Apple is not the only guilty of high prices, but the rest of the industry as well.
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