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Originally Posted by Skippman View Post
Well that further muddys the waters for me. I guess I'm just going to have to order a DisplayPort cable when I buy my U2713. Seems like Dell is playing games with the DisplayPort/HDMI standards.
HDMI is still a maturing standard, so what resolution a particular HDMI connection is capable of supporting depends upon the signal source, the receiver, and even the cable.

However, it seems that Dell does have an issue with full HDMI support; that the resolution is the same as the component input suggests Dell ran the U2711's signal processing in groups: DVI/DisplayPort, VGA, and then HDMI/component. Maybe they labelled the HDMI/component as the TV input and decided that such did not need to go beyond Blu-ray resolutions. Or else Dell stuck in a cheap HDMI port with an older specification.


This thread, near the end, discusses some solutions to getting full resolution over HDMI from the U2711:

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