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Thanks for the replies. Please keep them coming. I was just talking to a UPS service representative on the phone and he confirmed to me that I would be charged brokerage fees on an item I returned for warranty replacement even though it was marked "replaced under warranty" on the customs sticker by the sender. I was just reading a thread on another forum where posts indicate that several other people who returned items to the U.S. for replacement under warranty were charged high brokerage fees at the door when the replacement arrived. I wouldn't have been concerned about this except that Thermaltake mentions in their RMA policy that, although they do not charge to return the replacement item, brokerage and customs fees would be the responsibility of the receiver. I could post the URL of the thread discussing this (it's probably still in my browser history) but don't know if URL's are allowed here. As for me, I have decided it's cheaper to just buy a new psu every time one fails. That having been said, it makes me feel very much second class being a Canadian consumer and even more so by living in a rural community in Newfoundland.

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