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Default How to get a valid warranty

I am beginning to get the depressing impression that it is virtually impossible for a Canadian to buy a product with a valid warranty. The problem is that most manufacturers do not have an RMA location in Canada. This means that besides having to pay an exorbitant price to ship the product to the U.S. manufacturer's RMA depot, we have to pay brokerage fees when they send it back to us by UPS. UPS charges excessive brokerage fees even on warranty items. These fees typically will be more than $100 in my location. I don't understand how this can be lawful, but it is. I seem to have ascertained that the manufacturer of OCZ power supplies does have an RMA location in Canada (in Markham, Ontario) so the next PSU I buy may well be an OCZ. Does anyone know of any other power supply manufacturer that has an RMA location right here in Canada? Perhaps this problem is a factor of the retailer rather than the manufacturer? Perhaps we should be searching for a retailer who provides his own off-the-shelf replacement service independently from the manufacturer. Are there any such retailers left? I believe this is true of Futureshop but I don' t think FS sells computer parts such as power supplies.
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