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Question New water cooled machine

I am thinking of doing a new liquid cooled machine but first i am not sure if all the components i picked out match and can fit inside my case.
This would be my first so i am kind of a noob here hehe :D .
This is what i have so far.

Koolance VID-NX590 Full Cover Waterblock
Swiftech Apogee HD
swiftech MCRx20-XP "eXtreme Performance" Radiator Series
Bitspower BitsPower Z-Multi 150mm Water Tank
Swiftech MCP655 pump
Case-Corsair graphite 600T

These are my Specs:
Intel core i7 2600k
Geforce GTX 590
Asus maximus IV Extreme
8GB Ripjaws RAM
HDd 750GB + SSD 124 I want do do a loop from my for my CPU and GTX 590.Only that will be liquid cooled.
Only the CPU is overclocked at 4.7 GHz

I am wondering first of all will all this fit and will it go together.

If u have any suggestion for the rest of the parts or the ones i already have picked out please say so :)

Oh btw i can only afford a 240mm rad on the top and a single 120mm on the back.I am not sure if u can put another dual 140 in the front....i am not sure where i can put my HDD and SSD if u remove he trays
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