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Default Worried about original ocz vertex 120gb failing

I have seen some many bad reviews/comments about ocz drives in general and am worried about this older ssd failing, it is not currently in use, somebody gave it to me free when I was thinking about purchasing an ssd for my system, now I am happy with my 128 Samsung 830 in both my MacBook and my home desktop. My other desktop however is currently using the 5400 rpm drive from my MacBook and this is extremely slow, so I was considering cloning that drive to the ssd(after defragging, cleaning up, turning off hibernation, etc.) the computer doesn't stay on I shut it down when I am finished with it. It would not be tragic if it failed, I only have windows and borderlands 2 and skyrim on the computer it would go into (may add diablo 3 maybe deus ex) but these games use cloud game save storage so if the drive failed I simply could go back to the mechanical drive let steam update the games and files and pick up where I left off (wouldn't even need to back things up really right?). So should I be worried about it? Or should I just do it and if it fails it fails and I go back to the slow mechanical drive? If I wanted to back up I could boot off of the ssd leave the os installed on the hdd but have it back up to the hdd anyway, but I don't really see the point of backing up with my usage for that computer.
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