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Originally Posted by geoc View Post
Samsung and Apple are both selling their phones are the same price point. You do realize that both are equally guilty of grossly overcharging for their phones?

As far as I know, Samsung notebooks charges a noticeable premium over other competitors such as ASUS and ACER, albeit not to the point of Apple, but they are equally guilty of it.

Companies will always charge the amount people are willing to pay. Basic micro economics. If people don't pay a premium for style and brand name, companies like Hollister, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste wouldn't be able to sell the same stuff from Old Navy at a price premium of 5x.

TL;DR, yes Apple is overpriced, but so does most things you see at the mall.
Just so you know the iPhone 5 16GB is $699 no contract and from what I can find the Galaxy S3 is only $650, so they are not at the same price. Also if I recall it is also costing Apple less per phone to build as well. Basically it means that they have a much higher mark up on their devices than anyone else in the industry and that is how they make crap loads o f money.
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