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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Also a bunch of reviews I've read haven't been able to push the card up that high... Did you just get a good one?
I was pretty obsessive about this one. Typically, I put between 2-3 hours into overclocking a card. This time it was more like 6-8 hours. If you look at the third page in the OC Guru II (below), that's where all the fun happens:

Basically, in order to get the best clock speeds, it seems you have to tweak nearly every setting there; sometimes lowering frequencies while raising others. It is a real balancing act.

Other than that, I am quite sure I got one of those "golden" samples that come along every now and then. It just needs a LOT of massaging and hours of tweaking to get past the 1200MHz mark.
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