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My System Specs


SSDs tend to die one of two ways -- bad hardware/firmware, which invariably seems to be the controller, or worn-out NAND, which requires server-level use such as Sugar J describes.

Great thread of people actively trying to write their SSDs to death: SSD Write Endurance 25nm Vs 34nm The results seem akin to what you'd expect, if it's a lemon it dies early, and if it's not it lasts long past the warrantied/promised life (compare actual TiB written versus TiB written when the Media Wear Indicator reached 0). There's one 256 GB Samsung 830 which is still under testing and was pushing towards 4900 TiB as of Oct. 10, and a 64GB m4 at 1700 TiB; we're talking write volumes which should be measured in petabytes, for Pete's sake.
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