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Originally Posted by geoc View Post
Samsung and Apple are both selling their phones are the same price point. You do realize that both are equally guilty of grossly overcharging for their phones?

As far as I know, Samsung notebooks charges a noticeable premium over other competitors such as ASUS and ACER, albeit not to the point of Apple, but they are equally guilty of it.

Companies will always charge the amount people are willing to pay. Basic micro economics. If people don't pay a premium for style and brand name, companies like Hollister, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste wouldn't be able to sell the same stuff from Old Navy at a price premium of 5x.

TL;DR, yes Apple is overpriced, but so does most things you see at the mall.
I think the reason most people get upset about it is because they are overpriced and they get away with it. No other company that sells PC's charges that much of a premium and gets away with it. The problem people have is that if Steve Jobs would have taken crap and they put it in one piece aluminium shell people would buy it for $1000 just so it would look like they actually owned a mac.

For example other companies like samsung for instance, yeah they charge a premium for their notebooks and guess what they sell less volume because of it. Apple charges the highest premium and also has the highest volume of sales.

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