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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Let's put it this way: if Intel keeps up the incremental updates (5-7% increase from one generation to the next), then Intel may be playing catch up mid way through the next cycle.

The move from Bulldozer -> Piledriver is supposed to give an bump of some 10-15% according to AMD's publicly available slides. We'll see whether or not that will happen. Two more refreshes of that and Intel / AMD will be tied. All AMD has to do is fix their single thread performance and get 22nm out of the door.

The one ace up Intel's sleeve that AMD doesn't (and won't) have is Hyperthreading which essentially allows Intel to do more with less cores and lower power consumption.
Great points. Now that there fabless & have a design that will allow them to get the cpu's done anywhere I think they will ramp down to lower nm's quicker and as you sugest be more "leaps" then "baby steps" as intel seems to have for ages now.

Furthermore though, that "ace up intel's sleeve" could be a hinder if programing keeps going on a "core" basis .... unless haswell has some hidden true core's/streams up there sleeve ...
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