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My System Specs


So, in the "why not" category I went ahead and ordered an ASUS 2 GB (DDR3) HD 6670 video card to round out my new rig. Figured that I might as well. Glad I found out that buying DDR5 would be a waste of money if I hook it up to my APU. Besides I never did find out if 2GB of DDR3 was a better bang for my buck than 1 GB of DDR5. And the 1GB DDR5 card was a few dollars more than the 2 GB DDR3 card. I was worried that the new lot of cards would all be DDR5 which is not that useful to me as a dual graphic card.

I know there are some games where there would be little benefit to this dual graphics set up but others where there is supposed to be significant benefit. I'm thinking that this 2GB of video ram on the HD6670 should be giving me some better FPS than just the A10 and in some cases the Dual Graphics will produce a significant boost to my graphic performance. I was also interested to read that MS Office 2010 takes advantage of some of the features of this card - and it may even speed up my web browsing (if I go to Firefox?).

I do want to add a third screen (Santa are you listening?) and try out AMD's three screen effect. I'll need a bigger desk but small sacrifices are necessary to get a nice system. I am going to order Dirt 3 which is one of the games AMD likes to profile because it does really benefit from the Dual Graphics (if one is to believe the reviews and articles). I'm also going to get a flight sim package - I think it's about time I learned how to fly - and then the three way front windows of "my plane" will look real cool - I don't know much about flight sim games but I'll be 'investing' some time to learn a bit more about them before I order one - any recommendations?.

I was able to get a price match from Mem-Express with and saved a few like $6.00 but hey it paid the shipping. So for under $100 tax. S/H & a 2 year ME replacement warranty I've got a 2 GB HD6670 which I will be running as a dually with my A10. And after an email complaining that they were not prepared to mail the card to a post office box I got a prompt reply and a fix to that 'bug' they said and they do indeed ship to rural post office boxes.

I should wait for the PSU & Videocard to arrive before I get to rebuild this baby. I suppose I could get a head start and change out the fans and install the new hard drives into the current system this weekend. I'm a little shy about hooking up my new motherboard/CPU/ram to my old 'scary' Logisys PSU but we'll see what time allows.

Since this is my first build I think I'll look for a few "how to" video's and guides on line for first time builders. Any links I should follow?

Now onto eBay and order some games for this new rig. Dirt3, Shift2, Flight Sim, ? ? ? we will see what ends up in my basket. Any suggestions for this non-violent pacifist?

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