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My System Specs


Part #1-when setting up Sabertooth & R4E mobo the first thing that happens when you post & enter bios is you get a cpu fan warning. In my case this is because the NH-D14 fans initially turn at 300-400 rpm and the fan monitors on these mobos are set by default to warn at anything below 500 rpm. Once into bios you set the warning threshold to 200 rpm & below and carry on.

Part #2-unknown to me the DVI on my had monitor cratered. When that happened I had no image on monitor but it would say "no input signal" or something to that effect on the monitor, leading me to thinking the monitor was still working properly. I did try a different dvi monitor cable but I did not try it on the vga plug. Thinking that the problem is elsewhere I, among other things, cleared cmos. This sets all bios back to default alarms. So I reboot again, no picture on monitor and now have a beep code!

Tried RMA'd 3939K on R4E and it worked until about the 5th reboot with the same results as the Sabertooth! Aargh!

Part #3-admitting defeat I took all down to MemX for testing and their results were....your video card is flakey, all else is good. Hmmm, I did have a used backup card I was testing with, maybe it was bad. So grab my parts,a brandy new GTX 550Ti and out the door I go. Once home I assemble Sabertooth+3930K+XFX 1000+GTX550Ti & fire it up. No freaking way, a no signal message on monitor and the beep code is back! Sitting there I start thinking, what has NOT been changed here, the NH-D14 and the monitor. I grab a vga cable and hook it up to the vga plugs on gpu and monitor and..... I have a bios picture!!!

Turns out the beep code is the fan warning but I could not see it because my monitor is kaput! Over and over again I swapped components and got the same damn message on the monitor with the same damn beep code!! The boot device led was always on as well......

Part #4-drive into Red Deer frantically looking for a decent monitor and the last place I look (Staples) actually has a half-way decent monitor on sale. Go home, set it up, cross fingers toes etc and....everything fires up again.

Good grief, what a frikken run around.....

Ps, remember the part in the movie Office Space when they hang a licking on the copying machine? That monitor is about to suffer the same fate.....

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