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My System Specs


Originally Posted by wedge22 View Post
I got my ass kicked last night at the Alien Base, for around 10 turns I just had a Sniper and he was able to take out about 5 guys on his own, until he died. I have also lost 4 Countries from XCom funding, may have to restart.
Classic or normal? Normal is FAR more forgiving on the geoscape side of things.

General pointers from my classic run that will definitely work in normal:

1) Engineers are vital! If you get offered them as a mission reward, take them. Only exception being if it's near the end of the month and you'll lose a country if you don't respond to their abductions.

2) Satellites satellites satellites! Next most important thing to engineers. Build an uplink asap and some more power generation to support more uplinks. You can manufacture more satellites than you can currently support, which is handy considering they take 20 days to build. Always try to have a couple on hand that you can deploy right before the end of the month as they will not only reduce panic, but will also get you more cash.

3) Tech towards either lasers or new armour once your satellite coverage is sorted. I went with lasers, but really you can't go wrong with either.

4) Don't just have one "A" team and a bunch of rookies. When you get easy missions (small scout UFO's, easy abductions, council missions) take 1-2 vets and a bunch of rookies. Get them some combat experience so that when (not if, WHEN) your "A" team takes casualties, you'll have people that can step in and not be completely useless.

5) Sniper with squadsight is OP, especially once you get archangel armour & a plasma rifle. Of the 450-odd kills in my playthrough, two snipers accounted for about 150 of them.
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