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I won't talk but IF (and that is a big IF) the higher end Vishera part goes for $199, the closest unlocked Intel processor is the 3570K which actually performs a BIT better than the 2500K.

Intel's current / previous lineup looks like this:

Sandy Bridge E:

3960X (6C, 12T): Still in market ($1030)
3930K (6C, 12T): Still in market ($570)
3820: Still in market ($299)

SB to IVB:

2700K (4C, 8T) --> 3770K 4/8 ($329)
2600K 4C, 8T) --> No direct replacement
2500K (4C, 4T) --> 3570K 4/4 ($229)
2500 (4C, 4T) --> 3570 4/4 ($199)

And so on....

So IF AMD hits that $199 mark, they will essentially be going up against a processor that is NOT unlocked and only has four threads.

On the flip side, as we saw in the Trinity review, the Piledriver (and Bulldozer) architecture very much lacks single thread performance.
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