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My System Specs

Default A10 & HD 6670 Dual Graphics

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
The problem is pricing on those cards now. The ddr5 versions are substantially faster, but you can now get he 7770 for a bit over the $100 mark and it will be faster than the a10and 6670.
So you disagree with the review by PCWorld that with the 6670 in dual graphics mode the output would rival the 7850?

Quoted from above....

From the PCWorld review it is supposed to come close to a HD 7800

"The integrated GPU will run in concert with a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card using AMD's CrossFire X performance, which should nearly double graphics performance. For roughly $80, the system would offer graphics performance approaching AMD's midrange Radeon HD 7850 discrete graphics card in many applications."

AMD announces Trinity APUs: superb graphics, improved CPU | PCWorld
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