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My System Specs


One of the reviews of the 6670 in dual graphics mode with the A8 (I have the A10) had noted that the system in dual graphics could not recognize the DDR5 and reverted to DDR3 even though his card was DDR5. See AMD A8-3850 APU in CrossFire with AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5 Review - YouTube I wonder if this is because the APU is using the DDR3 RAM memory? Someone who knows these things better please jump in here and give me an opinion on this.

IF there is a way to utilize DDR5 would 2GB of DDR3 still be better than 1GB of DDR5.

I was going to order it from Memory Express but they did not have any option open to me to have it mailed to my post office box (I live in rural Canada). They only would allow in store pick up. Which is real strange because I was able to order a power supply from them earlier this week which they are shipping to my post office box. I sent Mem-Express an email asking what's up with this change in policy. They only had two ASUS 2GB DDR3 HD6670 in stock. But since it did not say "while supplies last" I think that means they will be getting more in later. has the same card for $5.00 less but charges $5.00 more in shipping so I have options.

I'm tempted to just get the 6670 because I'm opening the system up and rebuilding it completely, might as well put in the best of the recommended graphics cards. Still pondering that.

Also I'm leaning towards the ASUS just because, I read some not so hot reviews of a Diamond HD6670 over at Newegg and since I have an ASUS mBoard I'm thinking another ASUS would be good but I'm open to ideas. Which are the good video card makers and which are the one's to be avoided?
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