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Default AMD FX-series Vishera CPUs price rumored to be cheaper then reported before

According to fud on a repost from another site:

"According to a latest rumor, AMD's upcoming Vishera FX-Series CPUs might actually surprise a lot of people with their price.

As rumored earlier, AMD plans to launch a total of four FX-Series CPUs based on the new Piledriver architecture including the flagship FX-8350, as well as the FX-8320, FX-6300 and the FX-4300. The flagship eight-core FX-8350 ticks at 4GHz with 4.2GHz Turbo, features 16MB of cache (8MB of L3 cache) and should sell at US $199.

The lower clocked eight-core FX-8320 working at 3.5/4.0GHz should launch at US $175. The six-core 3.5GHz/4.1GHz clocked FX-6300 will launch at US $135, while the quad-core 3.8GHz/4GHz clocked FX-4300 will have a launch price of US $125.

The pricing sounds pretty good and will surely put some additional pressure on Intel's performance equivalents.

You can check out VR-Zone post here."

AMD FX-series Vishera CPUs price rumored
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