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Originally Posted by LoTech View Post
Can you run GPU tracker and v7 in conjuction? Use gpu tracker for gpu's, and v7 for cpu only. Just wondering.
Also to chime in on the drivers. I am now using the most recent Nvidia drivers, and to be honest I never really see a big difference in PPD from drivers. I see the big difference in PPD with the WU's that are shipped to me. Some have TPF's of 53 secs and some have 8 mins or more, geez. I also notice that some have long tpf's with little points awarded and some have short tpf's and larger points awarded. To me it seems like they are not awarded fairly for the amount of time and power required on some of these WU's. SHould they not award you more points for the harder units to crunch through?? Just a thought.
To your first question, yes. You can configure V7 to only control the CPU, that said the V7 client should handle the gtx295 just fine (might want to dissable SLI as marstg said). It's already one of the whitelisted cards.

The drivers can have an impact on desktop performance/lag I'm only folding on one GPU right now, and if i remember correctly I'm running the latest drivers. There is some lag and mouse jumping on the desktop to the point where I will stop folding while I'm using the machine then start it when I walk away.

Points, there's a topic. points can swing a lot from one unit to the next, even within the same project number. I have seen smp wu's on some of my machines that will produce 16000ppd, then the next one is 33000ppd. To me it's just luck of the draw. The only way to get consistent ppd from one unit to the next is to have a system exactly the same as the one they use for benchmarking units when they are new.
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