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Originally Posted by xnikx View Post
so than why is l4d2 using 98% but more demanding games wont?
It depends on which settings you are referring to. First and foremost, Source games are partially multi-core aware, which many other (even newer) games aren't. This means they are better able to utilize the CPU's given resources across multiple threads to speed up performance. While L4D2 may NOT need all of that horsepower, it is better able to MAXIMIZE the given resources.

this is my bf3 performance, cpu usage is in the high 40s or low 50s.
stock ultra settings, so 4x msaa, 16x aa, hbao
This is once again another game that is multi-core aware. For an indicator of where performance should be check out our latest multi card GPU review:

HD 7990 Review; PowerColor’s Devil 13

Figure that we got 70 FPS. Now, to even things out on a system to system basis factor in our overclock & architecture differences (-10%) and map variance (-5%) along with possible mobo differences (-2%) and at those settings, you should be getting ~55 to 60 FPS. It may be slightly more of a drop-off for you since certain maps will feature variable performance but us that as a benchmark.
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