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Exclamation i need help!

so for the last halp a year i have been looking at computer parts and creating my own build the last 2 months i haven't been looking into it much and I'm not sure what to get anymore im going to be using my computer for rendering 3d models and animation and doing video editing. the only thing im certain about is
the corsair 800d everything else I'm not mostly motherboard and ram
asus p9x79 pro
4x4gb 2400 ripjawz z series ddr3 ram
galaxy gtx geforce 670 4gb
corsair h100 cpu cooler
xonar phoebus
corair 800d
cooler master silent pro gold 1000w powersupply
wd black 2tb 7200rpm
240gb corsair nuetron gtx ssd
and 3d 12x blue ray player

so what do you think
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