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Default New Build: Sandy X79/Rampage IV Extreme VS Ivy Z77/Maximus V Extreme . . .

I am building a much needed new computer for work . . . I will be using 2 monitors, HD video editing (Adobe Production Premium/Premiere Pro), flight simulator (I'm a pilot) and for work have 75+ web and Word/Excel/PDF windows open for many days on end writing and researching.

I was all set to go with the Z77 Ivy Bridge--i7 3770K 3.5/3.9GHz Turbo QuadCore 8MB L3 Cache and Asus Maximus V-Extreme Mobo . . . and as an aside I appreciated the Maximus V Extreme's onboard WIFI and Thunderbolt.

At the last second, I became curious about X79 Sandy Bridge-E and Asus Rampage IV Extreme Mobo . . . with this combination I could probably only afford the X79 Sandy Bridge--i7 3820 3.6/3.9 GHz Turbo QuadCore (10MB L3 Cache) . . . still isn't this at least comparable if not faster with more cache than Z77's i7 3770K? While I at first thought I could in the future upgrade to the X79's i7 3930K 3.2/3.8 GHz Turbo HexCore (12MB L3 Cache) . . . I soon realized that next year at this time I might also have the opportunity to use the anticipated Ivy Bridge-E on the Rampage IV Extreme Mobo . . . possibly a more capable upgrade consideration if needed--whereas the Z77 and it's Mobo will probably never be upgradeable (however, not necesarily essential if proves dependable and meets needs for next 3 years or so).

The question I have is, given the X79--i7 3820/ Rampage IV Extreme combination is literally within a few dollars of the Z77--i7 3770/Maximus V Extreme combination which is the best way to go?!? Given the X79/Rampage hosts twice the RAM and has 40 lanes to the Z77's 16 lanes this sounds positive even though both the processor and mobo are technically "older" so have a few older technologies. As an aside, the X79/Rampage IV unfortunately lacks needed onboard WIFI (so this represents an additional expense) and Thunderbolt) . . .

1. Which would be the most dependable, best performing and smartest way to go?
2. What are there any negatives/positives to going with the X79 i7 3820/Rampage combination over the Z77 i7 3930K/Maximus combination (such as performance, lack of features or older specs/technologies) and/or conversly the negatives/positives to choosing to go with the original plan of the Z77 i7 3930K/Maximus over the X79 i7 3820/Rampage?
3. What am I missing and what else should I be considering in this decision?

I will be running a single 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GTX 680 at first and possibly later adding a second . . . will be liquid cooling my CPU and using a 650D case.

Thank you very much!

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