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This software creates a Vdisk image that is loaded up when you start the OS and saved back to your disk when you shut down. It does slow down your boot up times. Some of the windows temp folders have issues in ram disks and this software does seem to die a terrible death randomly, ie freezes on large ram disk saves to the hard drive when you go to shut down or stop the ram disk(maybe this has been fixed???).

At one point I played with having steam installed on my ram disk and every time I launched a game it would run a batch file that moved the game over to the install folder on the RAMDISK and then launched the game to reduce load times.... Then I invested in a RAID 0 SSD setup that pumped through 1.5GB/s writes and 1.8GB/s reads not as fast but less hassle and still damn fast.

The one place I still use ram disks are VM testing, its an impressive day when you overload a SQL instance in a RAMdisk.

They have their place, depends on what you want to do and if your ok with slower start up and shut down times. And losing what ever is currently on the RAMDISK. in reality you are probably not really going to notice the difference for the headache of playing with it constantly. I know photo shop guys use them for scratch disks and notice huge gains, or as stated above SQL can handle huge I/O.... but day to day.... meh
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