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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Your resolution is quite low and you are not running at optimal SLI resolution. Essentially, your GPUs are overpowering you monitor as well.

Take a newer DX11 game, max out the MSAA and everything else. I can almost promise you that even at 1080P, you'll be running near 100% on the GPUs.

IMO, no upgrades are necessary.
im running 5760x1080, i was just using 1920x1080 so i can get maximum sli performance.

i just bough planet side 2 and cant even play it because my cards refuse to be used more than 40% in that game, getting an average of 30 fps.

there is a thread on another forum, not sure if i can post the link here, with a good amount of people experiencing the same issue. they all seem to be convinced it is a driver issue, but im not believing that anymore.

here is a quote from the topic
"got the same here. even with 3770k@4.6ghz"
so this is what worries me about upgrading, hes experiencing the same issue with the cpu im considering upgrading to.

they all claim they cannot get more than 60% gpu usage. this also happens in crysis 2 with all settings maxed with dx11 and high res textures.
in crysis 2 and bf3 i experience fps drops into the 40s, even seen 38. That is unacceptable for two 4gb 680s, if you ask me.
This is on a single monitor, 1920x1080, but when i play 5760x1080 on basically the lowest settings in crysis 2 i get great gpu usage and avg 70fps.
i can also run bf3 on 5760x1080 on mostly medium settings, some settings on ultra, with better performance than i get running it 1920x1080 on ultra.

i just dont see how, on a single monitor, my old 1gb 460s performed better than my 680s.

And i don't think i can overclock anymore than 4ghz stably.

ill run 3d mark 11 tonight and post my gpu and cpu usage.
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