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My System Specs


I have not decided to buy a discrete graphics card - yet.

My game playing in not intense - if hardly at all. I have gotten into SIMS in the past and have almost all of the SIMS2 expansion packs and probably will get around to installing them on my new system. I have SimCity4 and when SimCity 5 is released I'll probably buy that one too. I also have a game called Spore with an expansion pack. I also play Tycoon style games like Railway Tycoon and Rollercoaster 3. I've played golf and car racing games.

I'm thinking of buying Dirt 3 or Dirt Showdown and/or Shift 2 Unleashed, or other game like that.

As I understand these sort of things a graphics card will not make much of a difference when it comes to browsing the web, productivity software (MS Office 10) or Photoshop Elements or Premier

I think that the A10 will provide adequate FPS for these games - or am I wrong about that. I do have a nVidia 9800GT which I could install and see if it works better than the integrated graphics in the A10 but I think the internal graphics in the A10 are superior to the 9800GT.

OR should I just spend $50-$85 and buy a HD 6670 card which will double up with "dual graphics" capacity of the A10 (from what I read it's sort of a built in crossfire). From some of the reviews it is supposed to come close to a HD 7800
"The integrated GPU will run in concert with a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card using AMD's CrossFire X performance, which should nearly double graphics performance. For roughly $80, the system would offer graphics performance approaching AMD's midrange Radeon HD 7850 discrete graphics card in many applications." AMD announces Trinity APUs: superb graphics, improved CPU | PCWorld

IF I wait and decide to do this later is there a risk that the 6670 cards will no longer be available? What is the shelf life of these sort of cards? Can I expect that prices will go down further on these units?

I do see that there are a few variations - ASUS offers a 2 GB card ($85 at Memory Express) and then there are a few that use DDR5 instead of DDR3, ASUS with 1GB of DDR5 is $99 ($89 if you get the rebate). Any comments on these cards - or brands. What should I look for if I decide to get one of these units?

OR should just wait and buy a more expensive card in the future if I end up needing more graphic power.

Opinions wanted.
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