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Windows versions are like Star Trek movies... you skip every other one.

Star trek : the motion picture - skip
Wrath of Khan - awesome
Search for spock - skip
Voyage home - good
final frontier - crap
undiscovered country - awesome.

More examples:
Windows 98 - crap
Windows 98 SE - actually decent
Windows ME - crap
Windows 2000 - awesome
Windows XP - The exception! Not crap!
Windows Vista -..... horrible
Windows 7 - Suberb!

.... understand? Its a skip and wait till windows 9 for me.

If you separate XP down into its service packs the rule still holds true:
XP - unstable crap
XP SP1 - Much better
XP SP2 - Constant installation issues, crashes
XP SP3 - vast improvement. faster.
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