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Thank you greenroost! Much more to come and Matt's new Bitfenix fan controller arrived from OuletPC.

Nice, but I think a matching Metallic Blue finish would fit our theme better, instead of the Matte factory Black..

Dismantle looks easy enuf, just remove the bezel with Philips screwdriver.... Er, wait?

Bezel glass looks very fragile and GLUED on.... Considering how stock was very low on these controllers, I'm gonna to play it safe and just mask off everything, instead of trying to remove the glass from the glue adhesive..and risk breaking it

I'm using Scotch brand painters tape to mask off the glass....

Bitfenix factory applies a Black rubberized finish to the RECON fan controller..

You want to remove this thoroughly this rubberized surface material before applying your primer coat and paint.. I used 80 grit sandpaper

Only took a few minutes of sanding to remove the rubberized surface coating.. Now we're ready for paint!

I'm using Black Enamel Primer by RUSTOLEUM.... Let it cure for 1 hour, then we can apply our matching Blue Metallic paint next!
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