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Default New Ooma Accessories Announced: HD2 Handset & Linx

Ooma is one of the most popular online telephone service providers and they’re now announcing a pair of handy accessories for their service: the HD2 hand Linx adaptor.

The Ooma phone service uses a straightforward VOIP setup with a number of interesting twists. First and foremost, users can use their own landline phone which cuts down on the initial cost. In addition, Ooma uses a specialized voice packet delivery system which boosts call quality beyond the limits of competitors without using additional bandwidth. Premium features normally associated with landline (and cell phone services) like caller ID and call waiting are offered free of charge.

Read more here: New Ooma Accessories Announced: HD2 Handset & Linx | Hardware Canucks

Honestly, for anyone that still has a land line, this may be the way to go. Particularly if you have friends / relatives outside of Canada.
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