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Folding on the V7 is not the best idea for this monster, I was using FAH GPU tracker V2 and best drivers that I folded with were 260.99 which are WHQL also. They will let you run other apps and use it as display card without showing any lag, even if you are watching movies. But you might want to disable the SLI which windows or the drivers enable by default. For the moment I am not using it as doing SMP and GPU drops the production too much on SMP to justify that, I am ;osing 20k PPD production on SMP while the card does 15-16k. I also noticed that Intel platforms are much more sensitive and loose more points while folding SMP and GPU that compared to AMD platforms. I am getting a flexible 1x to 16x riser adapter and will connect the GTX295 on the Opteron rig to see how it fares, without making it a display card. Display will be done by a GT 520 on regular PCI port.
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