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My System Specs


No, I using a old Windows 2000 SP4 and Firefox 3.0.14 :) No insterest in Chrome, 64bit OS and stuff on:
PC duron
Windows 2000 SP4 Czech
Jetway V266B
Barton 2800+ @ 2200+ (150x12.5) 1.625Vcore
1024MB DDRAM 2-2-2-5
200G Seagate 8MB cache (ST3200822A)
GF2 MX400 32MB 175/265
17" BenQ FP75G 1280x1024 60Hz
ATA133 IDE drawer
floppy with 7+1 USB2 reader Mitsumi FA404
OkiPage 14ex laser printer
NetGear fireWall/WiFi 54MBi WGR614


PS. 28 images is a damn shame, I got 103 and I'm mad as hell and compaining a lot that I did not get all of them!
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