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My System Specs


Well that settles it - I'm reverting my main desktop back to Windows 7

Neither my Razer Blackwidow or Logitech G500's software work with Windows 8 (and I don't want to get into trying anything silly like disabling security features to try to get them working). I could afford to have my sound card and USB 3.0 with semi-functional Windows 7 drivers, but when I found out it would be impossible for me to use a macro key...

Too bad it also means saying goodbye to File History and the defrag program that sends TRIMs to the SSD, but I suppose there's 3rd party programs that can do those.

If you want to know some other issues I found with 3rd party stuff - I could deal with these but the keyboard and mouse thing was a deal breaker:
  • MSI Kombustor can't test in DirectX 11 mode
  • Setting Firefox as default browser makes the Internet Explorer shortcut always point to the "desktop" version of IE
  • My Caviar Black 1TB doesn't work properly off my motherboard's SATA 6.0Gbps port regardless of whether I use Intel or Microsoft drivers
Stuff that I found worked perfectly other than Microsoft stuff:
  • MSI Afterburner (including video record)
  • TeamSpeak 3
  • APC PowerChute
  • Dropbox
  • MercurialHG
  • VisualHG Plugin for Visual Studio 2010 (mercurial VCS)
  • BOINC Manager on the CPU
  • TrueCrypt (except encrypting system partitions - didn't try that one although I did use encrypted non-system partitions with no issue)
  • Guild Wars 2
  • HDTune
  • Unison
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