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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
I`ve never said I like IE .... ewwww!!!!!!!! who says that anyway that is like saying I like eating crap while reading the internet .

I primarily us FF but on my gaming rig and I have to use Chrome for the moment till I figure why FF is being grumpy but I did try IE to get the FC to work , it did work with chrome right out of the box then decided to cease to function a short time after, for that reason and because the GUI was clunky I tried all the browsers.

I am holding the Recon in one hand and the Lamptron FCT in the other the size is the same PCBs are the same dimension are the same and when I picked the Recon box up at the store when my FCT screen failed and I needed a FC the specs were the same too 30 watts per chan! it wasn`t till I got home that it magically turned into a 10 watt FC .

You are correct it is about $7.99 plus tax which is about $10 but the added drive time to go back and get it was more like a added $20 so I was wrong it cost me $30 not $15 . so now I have spent extra money so I don`t have the Italian flag running across my motherboard and now have a foot of nicely sleeved extra cable I have to find a way to hide because you couldn`t make it a bit longer

ok now that i`m done trying to bust you balls

The unit it very well built the PCB looks like someone spent some time on it with care I have said this before , the touch screen works great and has little to no light bleeding past the bezel .

I like the unit that is why it is still in my case and the replacment Lamptron is still in the box unopened ( ok I opened it to check if it was all there and to my surprise all the cables were sleeved )
FTC and Recon PCB's are built differently. It's not really about PCB dimensions. It's density and how many paths it has. One has a chip to talk to a computer, one doesn't. LED switches are another path. For each channel, for each temperature probe, it all must go through that chip on top of it's standard route. That alone takes up 2x the path + the IC on a PCB than the standard path. 30W channels use huge caps.

I hate arguing, but your gas money doesn't affect the retail price of a cable. Some retailers have a base price before you get free shipping, and if gas takes you $20 to pick it up, you're better off paying for shipping. If we wanted to be even more technical, taxes and shipping costs are actually filed under another account in accounting books, separate from the price of the product

If you're up for a new spin, try a beta GUI:
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