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My System Specs

Question How to set Firefox to display this page?

While fiddling with the network settings, I come accross this page:,104959

And there are two links to test the browser settings in the real life - first this little page tells about the number of connections per server the browser use: Test Parallel connections

And second and more importantly, THIS page refuse to load all images: Max Connections
No matter how I try to play with the settings.

In about:config I enter "network" and tweak these (Firefox 3.0.14):

Max Connections
103 images shown (hell, that was hard counting)
77 images now shown (180 total then are on page...)

Test Parallel connections
Your browser seems to use 6 simultaneous connections to this server.

So it looks like the number or persistent connections are important, so I bumped it a little for my 20MBi cable to 12:

...and hence it fluctuate ( Test Parallel connections ) between 11 and 12. So far so good, but nothing convinced this page: Max Connections to load all the damn images and not to mention in adequate time.

Page load time: 8951 ms - this is a joke and futhermore, most of the images are NOT SHOWN!

Pls help and suggestions welcome. I already had optimized the TCP connection using the TCPOptimizer 2.0.3 ( Download from - send big files the easy way ) suggestions to suit my connection best...
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