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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
I do agree that the screen size is a bit small I'll have to disagree that the viewing angle is as bad as you say it is , It may not be the best but I can read it at pretty much any angle .

The GUI is rather clunky IMO , I haven't spent a lot of time with it but to get the profiles set up was a pain and you are not the only one to have a browser reject it .

The build quality is good but they could have spent more time on the GUI and the USB cable could have been done better like maybe sleeve it so the damn ugly green / red/ white was covered and the USB could have been a bit longer for people using a full size case , also the 10 watts is rather disappointing.

I placed the FC in the top bay and my closest USB header was lower middle of my MOBO so I had to stretch the USB cable across everything . when I asked xbournex about it his reply was to spend $15 more on the Bitfenix USB extension cable.

If you like to use internet explorer, you will have to download Google Chrome Extensions for Internet Explorer.
I suggested to use a USB extension. USB extensions (Sleeved) costs $7.99, not $15. There are cheaper alternatives without Alchemy sleeving, but you'd then be unhappy about the even worse multi color cables.

With the limited amount of real estate on the PCB board, 10W is the maximum you could throw on it with its IC chips. It already is packed.
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