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Default 680SLI = Horrible Performance

Ok so i have two 4gb 680 ftw standards with a i7 950, currently at stock speeds, and a x58 usb 3 1136 board.

I've called evga multiple times and have even rmaed and cannot get my 680 sli to run smoothly.

So if i use a single card in either pci slot on my board, i get a pretty steady 98% gpu usage with an avg of 70 fps.
When i use both cards in sli i get 50-60% gpu usage and an avg of 75 fps.

These were both on default ultra settings on 1920x1080p.
Now im trying to run 5760x1080 but i cant even get these cards to run on a single monitor properly.

However, when on surround i can play l4d2 with 98% gpu usage at all times and bf3 with 70-90%gpu usage.

I have tried just about every driver, i have overclocked my cpu to 4ghz, prefer maximum performance is on, v sync is off, ive tried fps target, overclocking the cards, a clean reformat, and i still cant get this problem sorted. I also popped my old 460 sli in and i get 98% gpu usage at all times and actually get better performance from them vs my 680s.

currently i am using the 306.97 drivers. any ideas?
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