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My System Specs


Well I took the Thermaltake back and got a full refund. Thanks Mike. He didn't ask for an explanation other than I changed my mind and didn't want it anymore. I then went back on line and found that the Antec HCG-620M 620W was in stock at Memory Express (one in stock) and I was able to get the price match to NCIX so ended up paying $68.74 for it. I opted for the extra two years Memory Express warranty for using $10 of the $30 I had saved off of the full price. Plus $5 S/H still came in at $88 well under the $110 + tax I had paid for the Thermaltake.

Antec High Current Gamer 620W Modular Power Supply at Memory Express

Mind you it is 130 less watts but from the above reviews I guess the Thermaltake was not truly a 750w unit anyway. According to the ASUS PSU calculator ( ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Recommended Power Supply Wattage Calculator )I should be fine with a 500 watt system IF I were to add the recommended HD 6670 video card. I could even crossfire two of those and still sneak by with a minimum requirement of 600 watts.

And over at eXtreme Power Supply Calculator I get even less watts required with a recommended minimum of 343w. Just for fun I calculated two HD 6670 crossfired and it came in at 378 watt. eXtreme Outer Vision - eXtreme tools for computer enthusiasts . So 620w will be plenty.

And its an Antec which is the one that the IT guy at the office said is "the best". He did say to look for multiple 12v rails - this unit only comes with one rail - and no I'm not taking this one back.

Here ends the Sad Saga of FKD's PSU. It's been ordered and now I just have to await delivery.
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