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My System Specs


I have just upgraded from what you have to the Ivy-Bridge 3570k and the Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 which accepts older 775 waterblocks which was my reason for choosing it over an Asus board,not too mention it's damn pretty and a good overclocker.If you have the cash to use all new watercooling then you have more choice with the M/B,I would have got the Asrock Z77 O/C Formula but it doesn't have the extra 775 holes unfortunately because I love the watercooled chipsets!Because of the Ivy-Bridge thermal paste problem I wouldn't suggest including a Gpu in the loop.Myself I change video cards too often to have a wet gpu,not very economical!New cards are only noisy when they are loaded like in games where I couldn't hear them over the blasting headphones anyways:)Ok I upgraded my platform for 440$ after selling my old parts to my dad for 160$ which made it very easy on the wallet.He's loving my used Q6600 at 3ghz with 240ssd and I'm sure you could also find a home for you'r old parts.I guess what I am trying to say is planning ahead is very important and you'r on the right track,good luck!
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