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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
That was me I will PM Xnine but lets get back on topic :)

How many compression fittings come in each of those monsoon packs? not sure if you said or not???

Plus I ordered a bunch of yellow LED's from another forum member if you need some Pab?
The packs come with 6 fittings in each for $36 from frozencpu. The angled fittings are a bit more expensive at ~$10 each but to me it's worth it. They also have 45 degree angled fittings but I am not sure I will need any. Thanks for the offer dude but I got the NZXT Hue RGB LED controller for the build. After second thoughts I could have easily went with a simple white strip as that is likely what I will run in there but I might toy with the yellow for a bit. :D

*actually maybe I could snag 2 of em from ya for the case power and hdd led. :) That might be a nice little touch. Are they 3 or 5mm?

Originally Posted by XNine View Post
6 compression fittings come in each Monsoon kit, plus a wrench (specified to whichever diameter compression you're using). Pretty good deal. I've been a fan of Monsoon since they launched.

You gonna sleeve your wires, Pabz?
Definitely. I am even taking it to the next step of doing fully custom length wires for awesome cable management. Going with MDPC Shade 19 and Yellow in this pattern with Shade19 as the primary color. I'm thinking of moving the yellow wires inwards 1 wire though. I am open to suggestions and would love to hear what you guys think about sleeving design.

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