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My System Specs


Thanks guys for the advice I got all the parts together yesterday but had a bit of a problem with some bad paint. I tried to paint my mobo tray black and it just wouldn't stick so I took out the old pressure washer and blasted the damn thing for an hour, it didn't take off all the paint but in the end I said wtf and just dried the case in front of the fireplace and installed the parts. The Corsair H100 was a pita to install and finially I just jury-rigged it outside my CM690 which actually worked out well enough. Name:  installed-sm.jpg
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Temps seem really nice so far at stock and hardly broke 35C after 1 hour of intensive Mech Warrior Online goodness on the Cryengine 3 totally maxxed out. Frame rates were spectacular and didn't drop below 67 even in the most hecktic close quarter skirmishes. I gotta say I'm really loving this new GTX 670 it eats everything I throw at it at Ultra settings and has room for desert. Thanks gents for your assist!
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