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Quick and dirty answer...yes size does matter....BUT only up to a certain point. Ever gen of NAND has a performance sweet spot (number of 'layers', density, etc). When you go above it, the performance goes down, and when you go below it also goes down. Newer controllers have minimized the difference on the large end but when it comes to smaller drives...yes they are still slower. AND each controller is different...Sammy 830 are not exactly power houses so the dif is smaller than SF2281, etc etc.

It gets complicated when comparing quad die pack ICs to dual dies when the dual has twice the number of ICs (ie 8 NAND of more 'layers' vs 16 of fewer layers)....but usually the 16ICs are faster. BUT it depends on the controller and type of nand....and etc etc etc. For example a Neutron 240GB has 16 ONFi 2 ICs. The Neutron GTX 'only' has 8...but the 8 are 24nm Toggle Mode NAND. No contest, the GTX is faster. IF they come out with a GS with 16 Toggle probably will be faster again, but no guarantees.... maybe the Amber controller's interleaving sweet spot is 8 w/ quad die pkg ICs.

My recommendation...look at the charts. Dont worry about brand names just controller and NAND type. I - like most honest reviewers - will state the NAND type and the setup (eg 4/8/16 ICs) and controller.

With this gen it is the 240-256GB that is the sweet spot for most controllers (the Everest 2 controller (Vertex 4) prefers the 512GB density to 256GB). Last gen it was 120GB. Gen before 60. Next gen...probably 512. Is the difference overly large....again yes and no. Its a couple seconds. If that matters to you then it will be important. IF you are used to slow hdds (eg SAS 15K or Vraptor 1TB or slower)...then no. The SSD will will blazing fast. All depends on your POV and expereince with SSDs. :)
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